This month, we are praying for, learning about, and supporting our Monthly Mission Partner, The Paxton Campus. For 90 years, the historic Paxton Campus, located in Leesburg, has provided underprivileged families and children with a safe environment, served people with disabilities and their families, and helped children of all abilities thrive in our community.

The Aurora School, a private day school teaches students with special needs, including autism. Open Door Learning Center provides preschool and kindergarten. Supported Training and Employment Program (STEP Up) offers transition services to help adults with disabilities live and work independently. ALLY (“A Life Like Yours”) Advocacy Center supplies free information on disability rights, guidance, support, events, and workshops to families and caretakers of those with disabilities, and the professionals who work with them. For more information go to

Please keep The Paxton Campus in your prayers, and give generously on the last Sunday of this month to support this important ministry in our community.


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