About St. James’

BldgBackSignSt. James’ Episcopal Church and Shelburne Parish trace their history in Loudoun County back to the 1700s. The first church in Loudoun County, called the “Chapel of Ease for the comfort of the people above the Goose Creek,” was built in 1733. In 1895, the cornerstone was laid for the present building.

While St. James’ is a church with a rich history, we are a church of the present, active in ministry in our parish and community. We gather to share in the worship of God, hearing and receiving the word of God through preaching and sacraments. Through various educational opportunities, we strive for a deeper understanding of Christ, ourselves and others. Through our various ministries, we seek to make the presence of Jesus Christ known to those in our community and beyond.

ALL baptized Christians, regardless of age or denominational affiliation, are invited and most warmly welcomed to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.