Serving for Worship

Serving for worship reminds us of, and nourishes us for, our primary purpose in life: to praise, revere, and serve God.

Worship Ministries



Acolytes have a long history of involvement in leading worship, beginning around 250 CE.  The word acolyte means “follower” or “one who helps.” When acolytes first helped with the liturgy, they carried candles in processions, lighted candles on the altar, and assisted with the Holy Eucharist.

Today’s acolytes play the same role as their predecessors centuries ago.  Acolytes serve in a variety of capacities, including Crucifers who carry the cross, or Torch Bearers who carry the candles in the worship procession. They also assist in setting the table for Holy Eucharist, carry sacraments to the floor station, open and close the gate at the altar rail, and help with other tasks to keep worship moving smoothly.

Children as young age 10 and as old as age 18 are welcome to serve as acolytes.  Most start as a Junior Acolyte processing the Gospel book at the 9:00 am or 11:15 am worship.  Once in Middle School, youth assume the responsibility of a Torch Bearer for the 9:00 am and 11:15 am worship, and are typically ready to serve as Crucifer around the 8th grade until graduation from high school.  Most acolytes participate in one worship service a month, along with special worship opportunities at Christmas and during Holy Week and Easter.  If you feel called to serve as an acolyte or need further information, please contact the Church Office.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group of women who are called to serve God by preparing and tending the place where we worship.  It is a ministry of love undertaken in the name of Christ.  The Altar Guild’s role is to make the worship life of the parish run smoothly.  Altar Guild work goes on quietly behind the scenes.  Its members put the liturgical furnishings in place for worship, and care for them.  They thoughtfully maintain vestments and linens, lovingly polish brass candlesticks and other worship space fittings, creatively arrange flowers, and faithfully replenish the supply of bread, wine, and oil for candles.

Music Ministries



11:15 Choir

The 11:15 am Sunday worship service includes traditional music in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition.  The 11:15 Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am to 11:00 am, and on Wednesday evenings from 7:45 pm to 9:00 pm. In addition to regular worship, the 11:15 Choir sings at special worship services throughout the year and, on occasion, with other choirs in the Leesburg area.





Corner ChoraleCornerChorale2011_01-3

Our 9:00 am Sunday worship features contemporary as well as traditional music, often sung by our Corner Chorale. Their repertoire includes contemporary, folk, traditional, and occasionally selections where the group sings with Children’s Choir, JAM, and/or the 11:15 Choir. Corner Chorale rehearses on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:00 am in the Nave.  “All God’s creatures have a place in the choir.” So do you!   Join us–no audition is required.





JAM (Joy and Music)

Middle School and High School youth are invited to express their musical talents in praise and worship as part of JAM.  JAM sings in the 9:00 am Sunday worship once each month, and rehearses on Sundays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in the worship space.  We are always looking for creative new members who like to sing or play instruments–or both!





ChildrensChoir-2Children’s Choir

Children from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are invited to participate in Children’s Choir.  The children sing at 9:00 am Sunday worship on the third Sunday of each month from September through May.  Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings.  Children in Kindergarten through second grade rehearse from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm; children in third grade through fifth grade rehearse from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

For more information about any of our Music Ministries, contact the Church Office.









[pane title=”Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors” background_image=”undefined”]

LEM2011_01 A Eucharistic Minister is a lay person authorized to administer the consecrated elements at a celebration of Holy Eucharist when an adequate number of clergy is not present.  A Eucharistic Minister acts under the direction of a Deacon, or under the Member of the Clergy who oversees the congregation or community of faith. In order to be considered qualified to serve, an individual must be a confirmed communicant in good standing, faithful in worship and in stewardship, mature in faith, and or good repute in the congregation.  Those serving as Eucharistic Ministers are to represent the diversity of the Church, and include women, men, young people (16 years or older) and older persons, as well as persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.  If qualified, the individual must complete a course of training and study, under the supervision of the Deacon or Rector or other priest to include a study of the various theological understandings of the Holy Eucharist in the Anglican tradition, and methods and practice of the administration of the elements (use of the purificator, rotation of the chalice, use of intinction, and consumption of remaining elements).  Once qualified and trained, the individual is licensed by the Bishop of Virginia for a period of three years.

Lector is the title given to those who read the Scriptures appointed for worship. The ministry of the Lector is to proclaim the Word of God by reading from both the Old and New Testament at worship services throughout the year.  A Lector may also lead the Prayers of the People during worship.  Lectors are scheduled to serve at all three Sunday morning worship services.  Anyone with a love of Scripture and a good speaking voice can serve as a Lector after a short training session.

For more information on Eucharistic Ministers or Lectors, please contact the Church Office.

Church Office Volunteers

Church volunteers2012Office volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and stages of life. All are welcome! Each Friday, a group of dedicated volunteers meets in the Janney Parlor for fun and fellowship while folding and stuffing the Sunday worship bulletins and weekly announcements in preparation for Sunday worship.  Volunteers also help out in the Church Office assisting with various office duties, as well as weekly primping up the Nave before worship. If you have an hour or two to donate, contact the Church Office to find out what opportunities are available.



Ushers are essential members of the worship team on Sundays and major holy days observed in the Church throughout the year (e.g, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday).  Members of the usher corps distribute worship bulletins, find seating for latecomers, receive and present the offering, assist with Holy Communion, and tidy the Nave after worship. To volunteer to serve as an usher please contact the Church Office.