At the 7:45 a.m. service on Sunday, March 18, 2012, Kay Gregg was formally installed as Verger here at St. James’.

What is a verger? The person who assists the clergy in the conduct of worship, making sure that the sanctuary and its appointments are in good order for each service, as well as the one who facilitates our ministry of hospitality and welcome. Kay will continue to perform these duties, as she has in the past, and she will remain responsible for managing our Columbarium, serving as Parish Registrar, and Wedding and Funeral Coordinator.

The Office of the Verger has its origins in the early days of the Church of England. The root of the word verger is the Latin word virga, meaning twig, or rod, and a verger sometimes carries a “virge,” or staff, as an emblem of her ministry.

While anyone can serve as a verger, Kay has chosen to complete the rigorous one-year training course of the Verger’s Guild of the Episcopal Church. Having done so, she is now a Fellow of the Verger’s Guild, of which there are only 150 fellows in the more than 7,000 parishes in the Episcopal Church.

For more information, contact our Verger, Kay Gregg.